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3D Printed 

Custom Tap Handles

We are reinventing the way Tap Handles are made.

- Low minimum orders of 50

- Quick turnaround

- Reasonable pricing

- Made in Canada

beer tap handles .png

Finally: Fast and Affordable 3D printed tap handles without compromises.

We have been manufacturing tap handles for 9 years and have anticipated 3D technology progression and advancement in order to produce quality handles at reasonable prices.   

3D print technology allows us to print custom tap handles quickly, eliminating the need for slower, costly processes like casting and molding. This means you don't have to wait months for your order. We can typically produce custom tap handle orders within 2 weeks.

We use the latest 3D technology. All of our machines are SLA printers. What does that mean? Instead of using filament like you may be used to seeing we use a liquid resin. This produces very smooth prints that are much tougher than traditional PLA prints.
After your print is done we coat it with the highest quality water based paints and UV prints.  

Low Minimums
Casts and molds are only cost effective on larger quantity orders. By eliminating the cast/mold expense, our only concern is the time it will take to produce each tap handle. In addition, we can process smaller quantities so customers do not have to make large investments just to keep affordable tap handles stock. Our minimum order is 50 units.

With over 3 years of research, we have developed a proprietary way to produce custom 3D tap handles and keep the price at or below comparable resin handles. We do not have to ship from overseas as we are manufacturing the tap handles in Canada. We can ship anywhere worldwide.

We are Canada's largest tap handle manufacturer. With 9 years of experience, our customers can depend on us. Our customer service is unmatched. All of our tap handles are proudly made in British Columbia, Canada, so we have complete control over our supply chain

Eco Friendly 
Our 3D resins are plant based. So unlike traditional resin handles, our handles can be recycled. 

No Limits
Traditional resin handles require silicone molds that present limitations due to the unmolding process. Undercuts as well as some shapes cannot be done with resin. In the 3D world, we have no limitations. We can print any shape we desire. 



Get a handle on your handles! This is our tap handle production process from beginning to end.

Looking for less than 50 handles?
Check out our other company 

No Minimums
Ship in 1 week
As low as $21.99 CAD 

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