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Step 1: Consultation

The process begins with a consult. We need to get to know each other and align the tap handle design with the marketing plan. Or maybe you already have the design and just need help to bring it to life. Tell us your budget. We want you to achieve your visionary goal with your tap handle.


Step 2: Initial Proofs

It's time to brainstorm ideas. This is the most crucial step as we want to be on the same page to build a good foundation. We discuss functionality and aesthetics:  style, colours, parts that may twist or turn. It's our opportunity to impress you, so we offer this process absolutely free. We begin with three 2D design options, and pare down to one idea.

Step 3: Design and Engineering

With 3D printing, fantastic ideas can come to life. We begin by designing the 3D models and investigating any limitations: looking for design flaws or weaknesses. We can also determine how long the tap handles will take to paint and finish. This process ends with a final design ready to print.

3d design.png

Step 4: Prototyping

We have a unique combination of technology that allows us to create and manufacture quickly, and with tremendous precision. The goal is a final prototype tap handle that can be replicated promptly and easily, but also meets the marketing needs initially discussed. This can be the most time consuming part of the process as we are trying to iron out any issues we might foresee in production. 

Step 5: Prototype approval

It's time to send the prototype for final approval. We expect a critique on every aspect of the tap handle because after approval there is no going back. If time allows, we recommend using the tap handle prototype to address any structural issues or real life concerns. 


Step 6: Production

This is where we excel because we are fast. A quick turnaround is the biggest hurdle our customers face and we don't want to disappoint by taking months to manufacture. We produce everything in Canada under one roof, so time management is a priority we can control. Need only a few tap handles? Even if you want just one, we can do that.

Step 7: Enjoy

We typically ship with Canada Post, but can ship using any courier at our disposal. Get ready to tap into it! Receive your shipment, crack a bevy and celebrate your success. We appreciate you.

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