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10 Things You Didn't Know About Beer

dark beer
Stout beer

As a rule of thumb, darker and bitter beers have a higher alcohol content.

Beer Baptize, Jesus, baptize children in beer, beer

In the 13th century, some people in Norway would baptize their children with beer. Jesus!

swim beer pool, beer pool, Austria, beer

You can swim in pools of beer in


beer, moustaches, Guinness beer

162,719 pints of Guinness beer are

wasted each year due to moustaches.

Mcdonalds, beer, France Macdonals

In France, Germany, Austria,

Spain and the Netherlands, beer is served in McDonald’s.

Fucking Hell, beer, Fucking, Austria

Fucking Hell is a beer named after the

village of Fucking in Austria.

oldest brewery, germany brewery, bavarian brewery

Weihenstephan Abby in Bavaria, Germany is the oldest brewery in the world. It started in 1040.

beer, vagina, ph, beer ph,

Beer and vaginas have almost the same

acidity levels, with an average ph of 4.5. Coincidence??

winston churchill, beer, Carlsberg

Carlsberg Special Bre beer

was created for Winston

Churchill in 1950 on the

behest of the Danish


beer, kids, beer at school, Belgian school

Table beer (1.5% alcohol) was served in

Belgian school until the 1980’s!

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