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Advantages of 3D Printed Tap Handles over Resin Casting

There are several advantages of 3D printing over resin casting.

3D printer printing object
Stereolithography 3D printing

We spent years waiting for 3D technology to catch up to where we wanted to be with 3D printing tap handles. We wanted to create flawless tap handles that could be reproduced quickly - in order to solve the biggest pain point that everyone who requires custom tap handles has: slow turnaround times.

We wanted to not only give customers quality custom tap handles, but have fast turnaround times. This has now become a reality. Here are the benefits of 3D printed tap handles over resin casting:

#1 - Design Flexibility:

3D printing allows for more intricate and complex designs to be created, whereas resin casting requires a mold, which limits the design to the mold's shape.

#2 - Faster Prototyping:

With 3D printing, a prototype can be produced in hours, whereas creating a mold for resin casting can take days.

"A good model is a 24hr design cycle; design during work hours, 3D print overnight, clean and test the next day, tweak the design, then repeat." – R. Gendron, Business owner/operator

#3 - Cost-Effective:

While the initial cost of a 3D printer may be higher, the cost of creating multiple copies through 3D printing is lower than that of resin casting, as each cast requires a new mold.

#4 - Accuracy:

3D printing provides more precise results than resin casting, as the design is created digitally and printed to exact specifications, whereas resin casting can have slight variations due to the mold.

#5 - Shipping cost:

3D printing creates a lightweight finished product. Shipping costs are based on weight as well as volume, so if we can reduce at least one of those factors, we can reduce shipping costs.

Fast Turnaround Custom Tap Handles

Overall, 3D printing offers greater design flexibility, faster prototyping, cost-effectiveness, greater accuracy, and a wider range of material options compared to resin casting. Head Here if you want to know more about fast turnaround wood tap handles with a cheaper price tag ( Got any comments? Leave them below.


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