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Branding your beer on Budget? Stock tap handles

Many breweries cannot afford the cost of custom tap handles and the minimums that go with them. Custom tap handles also take a lot of time. Stock Tap Handles are very effective and can bypass the high cost and longer wait time.

Tap Handles To Go. You asked. We listened.

We make stock custom tap handles - fast. They are assembled in and shipped from British Columbia, Canada. We use hard wood from Canada, and love the sustainability of wood: we plant 1 tree for every 10 tap handles sold.

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On Budget?

Check our website: Tap Handles To Go at

*Shape: We came out with multiple stock styles that can fit most needs. These may vary in the future, depending on customer feedback as to what you want or would like to see stocked.

*Customization: We created a system that allows for striking customization, and can be done quickly. The whole idea is to make attractive, low cost handles available as fast as possible to the customer. We print in full Pantone colour using UV ink, so there is no peeling or scratching. If using decals, we source the most aggressive vinyl there is, printed again with UV cured ink - made for high pressure car washes, so they will not peel or fade.

The beauty of this system is that our customers can order just the decals and reface a current handle they already have.

*Timeline: Our handles ship within 5 business days.

*Quantities: There are no minimums to order handles. Buy in bulk and save.

Sales Representatives for craft beer, beer, cider, ale, mead, kombucha, coffee, cold coffee, whisky, wine, hard liquor.

If it pours from a tap, READ THIS:

Whether you sell craft beer, beer, cider, ale, mead, kombucha, coffee, cold coffee whisky or wine, sales reps: these are for you. We know how competitive it is out there and it’s not getting any easier. Reps need every advantage they can get. Wouldn’t it be great to walk into Joe’s restaurant and offer a custom beer named Joe’s Lager by your brewery? Making that sale would be a whole lot easier. Bottom line is that you still sell your beer, no matter what it’s called. We can make these custom handles quickly, and have the handles shipped to them (or you) within 5 days. Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt, and you’re a rockstar.

Are you a Brewer that creates seasonal or specialty beers?

You put so much effort into the beer, it deserves a special handle. And you can order just one if you like.

Would you like your Brew to contribute to Charity?

We recently did a set of customized tap handles for a fire department to help fundraise. They approached a local brewer to make a special brew that the firefighters could market and make so much per pint. The brewer loved it because their name was on the tap and they raised a lot of money. Its a win win for everyone.

Don’t Jump the Gun

Not everyone can make the commitment for a custom handle. In fact, if you are a new craft brewery, we suggest you don’t. You haven’t even brewed your first pint. The beer should come first. Your marketing has to fit your beer. Custom beer tap handles are a large investment in not only money, but time. With Tap Handles to Go you can be selling beer next week. Get your feet wet. Find out what sells. Who are you selling to. Create an identity. In six months or a year when you have a firm idea of where you are going with your company, along with a few bucks in your pocket, come back to see us (by all means, if you want to see us before, please do!) We want to build relationships from the very beginning and to succeed because that’s the point of what we do.

We know brewing is a tough world and we are doing our best to to make it easier for our customers. Let us know what you think of this product, what more you would like to see, or if you have any questions or comments.

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