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Fastest Turnaround time.

Do Tap Handles Canada and Tap Handles To have the fastest turnaround time for tap handles?

Yes, and we'll get into this more below.

Are Tap Handles Canada and Tap Handles To the same company?

Our corporation, Borrego Radium Ltd, umbrellas all our subsidiary businesses: Tap Handles Canada, Tap Handles To and Coasters To

Tap Handles Canada was formerly known as WylieJack Tap Handles, however, we have dramatically changed our production process and felt that new branding would suit the custom 3D business better. We have kept all production and manufacturing in Canada, making us the largest tap handle manufacturer in Canada. We created Tap Handles Canada because we saw the need for faster custom tap handle turnaround times, and we have finally done it! Welcome to the 2 week, full custom turnaround.

Tap Handles To will still remain the fastest turnaround time for all tap handles, with the ability to complete hundreds of tap handles within a day.

Coasters To is a new branch that we created when we saw the need for fast turnaround custom print and cut coasters. And if you're going to print and cut coasters, why not do custom keg collars and keg wraps too?

Why different logos and different websites?

We separated the custom made products from the stocked, ready to go products.

Here’s why:

tap handles Canada, beer, craft beer
Tap Handles Canada Logo

Tap Handles Canada: Business in the Front

Custom products such as 3D tap handles is a different design process than what Tap Handles To offers, however they do not require long waits to produce. Due to the complexity of 3D designs, there is often a decision process that transpires with the customer that may take extra time. Good thing we have sped up production so our custom 3D tap handles will be out the door within 2 weeks.

tap handles Canada, beer, craft beer
Fastest turnaround Tap handles

Tap Handles To Party in the Back?

Taphandles To Go are already in stock, so we made a separate interactive website to allow customers to easily pick a handle shape, upload their file (or let us help, if required), and pay; all without having to take too much time doing so. We then customize the handles quickly to allow for fast shipping. There are also NO MINIMUMS with in stock products.

But remember: just because they are faster, doesn’t mean they are inferior. We’re merely cutting out the design and production time of full custom handles. Tap Handles To gets down and dirty to get ‘er done quick.

Coasters To Coasters, Keg Collars and Keg Wraps

We have the ability to make them, so why not offer them?

Coasters tend to have a slow turnaround time with larger companies, which we found to be the niche pain point that we can solve for our customers. We produce custom coasters, keg collars and keg wraps with a fast turnaround time (1 week).

Business in the Front, Party in the Back.

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job

We take our speed, quality and customer service seriously, but still have fun doing it. Get your design ideas together and contact us: we'll mullet over and get back to you ASAP. Let us show you that we are the fastest tap handle manufacturer. Period.


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