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Tap Handles Canada: How do we make the best Tap Handles?

What goes into building the best tap handles?

Beer tap handles are a process. From design to production, there is a lot that happens from conception to reception. Here is a breakdown of that process at Tap Handles Canada and how we make the best Tap Handles.

creamsicle tap handles
Nine Locks orange creamsicle Vodka Soda

Call us or email us. Let's start a conversation.

The best tap handles production start with the initial phone call. We give you as much information as possible while being completely transparent about the process. At this point we are getting an idea of what you are looking for and deciphering if we will be a good fit.

Send Us Your Deets.

Send us any files, logos, pictures and marketing materials that you would like to discuss. We can schedule a conference call if required, with any others who are involved in the process. Normally we will email concepts and ideas.

During this discovery meeting, we want to discuss much more than the design of the tap handle. We want to know the challenges you face, and much more. With this information we can develop a handle that is unique to you; something that provides value.

Materials, size, colours and practical applications like changeable decals are part of the discussion. Brainstorming is fun!

Rough Estimate.

No one wants surprises when it comes to money, so we attempt to stick to a budget you have created. We can also give an estimate depending on the artwork and designs submitted. We don’t charge for our creative time or any renderings. Charges begin when you are completely comfortable with the design, process, pricing and timelines. Keep in mind: if you didn’t pay for it, you don’t own it! Any designer that has put in the design work, still owns the copyright for that design until it is paid for.

Show Us What You Got.

We take your dreams and make them a reality. There may be challenges or limitations. Once we are happy with the direction, 3D renderings are produced on the computer. Based on what was discussed previously, we submit to you three unique ideas.

Tweak to Perfection.

A winning design often comes out on the first go. However, we tweak as needed to end up with the best tap handles design.

Stanley Park tap handles
Stanley Park Brewing Tap Handles

At this point we are ready for a prototype.

Let’s Get It Started Up In Here.

Once approved, we can create the 3D files required for our 3D printers. The prototype typically takes 2-3 days to produce (and we make it in our shop in Canada). If we are going to run into any production issues, this is where we will find the weakness because this will be the production process.

Moon Brewery tap handle
Moon Brewery

Look What We Made!

The 3D prototype gets shipped to you, you play with it and discuss it.

Let’s Get This Show On The Road.

Production usually takes less than 2 weeks, depending on the quantity and the detail. We can usually quote the time frame once we've done the prototype.

The finished tap handles are individually boxed with protective packaging inside and are ready to ship.

Everything is in Ship Shape.

Our tap handles are normally shipped via Canada Post, however we can ship by other means if requested. If the order is large enough to require freight, we can get quotes with different couriers.

To Conclude

It is a very exciting process not only for you, but for us. We love what we do and it shows in our customer service and products. Let us know if this article helped you understand a bit more about our process or if you have any questions.


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