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The Perfect Tap Handle Size

How wide is too wide? How big is too big?

When it comes to beer tap handles, everyone wants to be noticed. But at what point is a tap handle too big? Furthermore, what is the perfect tap handle size?

Take a look at this picture and you will see an example of this issue.

Tap handle wide, Tap Handle size, tap handle perfect size

Seven of the handles are not facing forward. Those handles and breweries have just lost their competitive advantage in the world of off site advertising. This may be your only form of advertising and you just got pushed out or turned to the side.

There are three reasons this may happen:

One - the tap handle is too big or too wide and don’t fit between the other taps.

Two - they may fit, but the bartenders’ knuckles are taking a beating or worse, they are accidentally pouring errant beers on the floor.

Three - they may just feel awkward in the hand.

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The Perfect Tap Handle Size

We have experienced that any handle over 2.5” wide may have these issues. Ideally, don’t go over 2” wide. However, the depth can be greater than 2.5” as it doesn’t affect the fit between the handles. BUT, keep in mind: Balance. We still have to make sure the centre of gravity is not so far forward that we get an accidental opening, or the handle can’t be so thick that it hits the back wall.

Tap handle wide, Tap Handle size, tap handle perfect size, handle too wide, handle too big

Tip: Counteract this problem with three sided handles. As you can see in this picture, no matter how it is installed, the customer can see at least one of the logos.

Just one of the many things to think about over a nice cold beer. 

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